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Are you exhausted because your child is not sleeping well? As an internationally certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Happiest Baby on The Block educator, Tori can equip you with the skills you need to get back on track and have your child sleeping soundly in no time.


When it comes to helping clients improve their child’s sleep, Tori’s philosophy is based on her understanding that every family is unique, so there is no ‘one size fit’s all’ solution. 


From phone, email and Skype consultations to in-home visitis, All About Sleep offers a range of flexible programs tailored to suit your family’s individual needs.


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Baby sleep consultant Toowoomba, Brisbane and online programs Australia-wide.



You may have read all the sleep help books, listened to advice from well meaning others and still be confused as to where to start and what to do. You may be wondering what advice is the right advice for your child? Tori’s guidance is based on the latest science as well as her vast experience working with infants and children, so you can be confident that her advice is authentic. Her approach is gentle, holistic and nurturing.

This means that when you work with Tori, you will receive a customised plan centered around your parenting style and your child’s individual temperament, as well as personalised guidance and support specific to your own family’s needs.



Expectant parent sleep education

Newborn settling techniques

Safe sleep advice

Nursery set-up



Sleep associations

Nutrition and sleep

Sleeping through the night

Bedtime battles

Bed sharing to own sleep space

Age appropriate routines 

Nap transitions

Self settling

Early morning wake ups

Transition from cot to big bed

Toddler sleep expectations


Night feeding and weaning



Day-care and Sleep

Six Tips for Daycare Sleep   Parents decide to send their child to day for many reasons, whether it’s because they are returning to work, they need ‘kid free’ time at home or perhaps they want their child to experience the social interaction of other adults or...

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When to Teach Self-Settling

What is self-settling? Let’s start with what it actually means to self-settle. If your child can self-settle, it means they can go through the process of being awake to fast asleep on their own with no assistance from you. Resettling means that when a child wakes...

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Weaning Night Feeds

Night Weaning   From around six months of age, if your baby is developing well, you might decide to reduce feeds at night or night wean altogether. At this age, most babies should be getting enough food during the day for healthy growth and development. On the...

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The Truth about Sleep Training

One mum’s story   Michelle believed her situation was hopeless. Her five month old breast fed son Toby was waking every two hours over night and would only go to sleep when feeding and on her. He would cry and wake up when she tried to lower him into his cot. On...

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Daylight Savings

Adjusting the Body Clock Daylight savings time always seems to come upon us so quickly! Your child might be on a predictable schedule with naps and bedtime and all of a sudden you are left wondering what to do, if anything, to prepare for the change. There’s no doubt...

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Sleep Training Baby with Older Siblings is a Thing

So your second or subsequent child has arrived. Like many parents, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage your youngest one’s sleep, whilst also navigating the needs of older siblings. You will be relieved to know that sleep training...

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“My daughter was sleeping in my bed and feeding constantly”

I can’t thank Tori enough; my daughter was feeding frequently overnight and sleeping in my bed. I found Tori and my golly she saved my life! After only a month, my little girl now sleeps in her own bed and sleeps though the night. I have so much more time to get things done around the house, I’m getting better sleep myself and I actually feel more human. Tori was a great help as she was by my side every step of the way, guiding me and making sure I was ok. There were a few times I wanted to give up but she was always there to support me, and now a month later I still hear from her asking how everything is going.

I highly recommend her.

Melissa, mum of Saskia – 17 Months

“I was exhausted, feeding often and co sleeping, just to survive”


I highly recommend Tori to anyone wanting to improve their baby’s sleep and their overall quality of life. My nine month old duaghter was waking around six times a night, co-sleeping with me, not eating much and winging a lot. I stuck to Tori’s recommendations about sleep and food and now she’s eating well, sleeping well and we are all a lot happier. Tori is very friendly, quick to respond and has a very good knowledge of food and sleep. She genuinely cares. Thank you for our new life Tori!


Holly, mum of Coco – 9 months

"My marriage was suffering from lack of sleep"

I was losing my mind but Tori saved my life! When you have a baby that just won’t sleep, it’s naive to think it’s just your lack of sleep that becomes an issue. A non sleeping baby, and therefore a non sleeping parent, can negatively impact EVERY area of your life. So when I say Tori saved my life, her advice and instruction had way more far reaching consequences greater than just a sleeping baby. Elijah was a ‘dummy sucker’ and would only fall asleep to a rocking motion, which meant at 4 months he was waking every 45 minutes to an hour crying for his dummy and to be rocked to sleep. The constant waking up took a huge toll on my mental health and marriage and something had to give. Tori taught us how to comfortably remove the reliance on the dummy, and how to teach Elijah to self soothe and put himself back to sleep through the night. The rocking eventually became gentle pats, which now if he is unsettled, he only needs a brief touch to resettle. There is no more up and down throughout the night. Instead, our little boy sleeps right through and naps confidently throughout the day. Life is good, my mind is clear and my marriage is happy. Tori is dedicated, gracious, informative and sheb knows how to work on sleep training within the comfort level of the parents. Tori thinks through the needs of the child, the dependencies of the parents and the desired goal in mind for everyone and then coaches openly. I would recommend Tori to anyone struggling with the sleep challenges that come with having a little baby.


Tia, mum of Elijah – 4 Months

“ My little boy was grumpy and unsettled”

Tori’s program has made the world of difference to my little boy. Matthew was very unsettled and was only sleeping for short stretches at a time and I was exhausted. He is now getting a sleep every two hours throughout the day and he sometimes even sleeps for ninety minutes for naps. At night he is going down around 6:30pm and is only waking up once for a feed at 1am. Most of the time Matthew wakes up in the morning happy and talking and when I walk in to get him he just smiles at me. It’s great to see such a positive change to his attitude. I cannot thank Tori enough!


Emma, mum of Matthew – 3.5 Months

Baby sleep consultant Toowoomba, Brisbane and online programs Australia-wide.

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