What is SIDS?

SIDS is a term used to label a baby’s death when it has no known cause, and is most common between the ages of two and four months. Sadly, SIDS remains the most common cause of death between one and twelve months of age. The good news is, there are proven ways that can help you reduce the chance of your baby dying from SIDS…


  1. Sleep Baby On Back

    If a medical professional advises you to use another sleep position, make sure you understand the reasoning, and ask for it in writing and if other people look after your baby, explain to them how you want them to put your baby to bed.


  2. Keep Baby’s Head Uncovered

    Put baby’s feet at the end of the cot for sleeping. Don’t put bonnets, beanies or hoods on your baby or have any doonas, pillows, bumpers or toys in the cot.


  3. Keep Baby’s Environment Smoke Free

    If you smoke, your baby has an increase risk of SIDS, even if you smoke outside away from your baby. And don’t let any one else smoke around your baby! The same goes for alcohol and drugs. If you need help, phone the quit line in Australia on 131478.


  4. Breastfeed if possible 

    Research shows that breastfeeding can have a protective effect against SIDS.


  5. Don’t Share a Bed with Baby

    But instead, have baby sleep in the same room as you, up to between the ages of 6 and 12 months. You can bring baby to your bed to cuddle, feed or settle, just not for sleep.


  6. Create a Safe Sleep Environment
  • Baby’s cot meets current standards (old or second hand cots may not)
  • Cot mattress is the right size for the cot (including porta cots); check it’s firm, flat and clean ü Waterproof mattress protectors should be strong, intact and a tight fit
  • Don’t sleep baby on a waterbed, beanbag, couch, pillow or cushion
  • Avoid falling asleep with baby on a couch or chair
  • Keep baby’s cot away rom hanging cords like blinds, curtains or mobiles
  • Keep cot away from heaters and electrical appliances
  • Do not use electric blankets, hot water bottles or wheat bags near baby