My name is Victoria Macdonald and I am an internationally recognised and Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant, a registered teacher with a Masters Degree in Education, a Happiest Baby on The Block Educator and a mother of three.

When it comes to helping parents and children get the sleep that they need, my personal and professional philosophy can be summed up in these words:

“I believe that sleep is the foundation of health, that all children can sleep well and that sleep deprivation is not something children or parents should have to endure as part of the parenting journey. My aim is to help sleep deprived mums teach their kids to sleep through the night so the whole family can enjoy better health, closer relationships and less stress.”

I pride myself on being caring, empathetic and non-judgmental and I’m passionate about what I do. 

Anyone can read a book, take advice from those around them or follow an online program, but it can be very difficult for parents to know what is right for them and their child. The advice I give to parents when I work with them is evidence based and tailored around each family’s unique circumstances and individual goals. I have three children of my own, so I understand what it’s like to be sleep deprived and struggle with parenting decisions.

As far as sleep training methods go, I don’t advocate one method over another because I know that what might suit one family may not not suit another. I also know first hand that listening to your child cry is the worst thing on earth! If I can help parents teach their children how to sleep soundly with minimal crying, all the better, in my opinion. That’s why I advocate gentle sleep training methods whenever I think it would work best. I also realise that sometimes a more ‘hands off’ approach might suit a particular family better and I can guide families in what to do with this approach as well.

It’s a privilege for me to work with families and be welcomed into their lives as their guide and support. I believe it’s all about working together towards personal family goals through relationship and trust. Sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury, and that means I have the best job in the world because essentially, I’m helping people survive!

If you are struggling with a lack of sleep due to bedtime battles or disrupted nights, or you simply value sleep but lack the confidence or knowledge on how or where to start with working on a solution, I’m confident that I can help you and that you will see improvement in the first few days of working with me. As parents, we all want what’s best for our kids which sometimes means we need to reach out for help from others for guidance and support. My packages are designed to give you all the guidance and support you need to start working on a solution right now. Great sleep has a positive knock on effect on all other aspects of life so what are you waiting for?


Tori's personal philosophy is based on her conviction that all children can sleep well when given the chance. "Sleep deprivation is not something children or parents should have to endure as part of the parenting journey."



From phone, email and Skype consultations to in-home visitis, All About Sleep offers a range of flexible programs tailored to suit your family's individual needs.


Have a question about our services? Read through our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to get in touch using our contact page form.

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How can you help me?

As a dedicated and passionate Sleep Consultant, Tori has the knowledge and experience to give you research based advice and practical guidance to help you teach your child to sleep better. The advice Tori offers is always personalised and based on your individual parenting style, your child’s unique temperament and your overall situation, so there is no ‘one size fits all’. Tori appreciates the challenges of being a parent and her goal is to offer support that is based on mutual trust and understanding. Tori’s aim is to help your child achieve better sleep which you will find has a positive knock on effect in many other aspects of your life.

What program would suit me?

Tori offers a free no obligation fifteen-minute phone chat to discuss your individual situation. During this call, she will give you her honest advice about what she sees might be the cause of your sleep issue and give you instant tips about how you start to fix the problem immediately. Sometimes a quick piece of advice like this may be all you need and you can be on your way to working on your child’s sleep on your own! Alternatively, if you feel you need more support, Tori can direct you to one of her packages that she thinks would best suit you. If the packages listed aren’t the right fit for you, Tori can customise a package to suit your specific needs. If you are feeling a little hesitant to get in touch for any reason, please know that Tori prides herself as being approachable and non judgmental, and she welcomes all queries.

What ages do you work with?

Tori works with children from  three weeks right up to four years of age. Tori does not offer formal sleep training for newborn babies but for these little ones, the focus is more on developing healthy sleep habits, settling techniques and parent education to help avoid sleep problems as your child gets older. For babies aged between four and six months, Tori can assess readiness for sleep training on an individual basis.

What are your qualifications?

Tori trained and was certified as an internationally qualified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with Baby Sleep Consultant Ltd. Tori has a Masters Degree in Education (Special Education) and she studied Biology and Psychology at university. In addition to her years of experience working with children, Tori’s educational background has given her an in depth knowledge in the area of child development and behaviour. Tori is also a Happiest Baby on The Block Educator, a program created by Pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, famous for newborn settling. On a personal level, Tori has raised three children of her own, which makes her a ‘fully qualified parent’ who has dealt with sleep deprivation first hand herself.

Will my child cry?

To be honest, yes, there will be some crying, even with the gentlest of sleep training as your child gets used to a different way of sleeping, but Tori’s aim is always to devise a plan for you that involves the least crying possible. Tori offers a range of sleep training methods across a broad spectrum from very gentle sleep training with minimal crying, to more traditional cry-based sleep training methods. The methods Tori suggests for a family depends on a myriad of factors such as the age of your child, your parenting style and your child’s unique temperament. Ultimately, Tori’s job is to give parents options and her professional opinion on the methods she feels would suit them personally, and then it’s up to them to decide on what they feel most comfortable with. It is important to remember that you never have to leave your child alone to cry and you can be there with your child if you choose to, giving comfort, love and support as your child learns to sleep better.

Do you guarantee results?

Although the parents Tori has worked with have only ever been more than happy with her service and have been very thankful of the improvements they’ve seen in their child’s sleep, unfortunately Tori can never guarantee results. There can be no guarantees because the biggest indicator of success with sleep training depends on parent driven variables such as readiness for change and the ability to be consistent with the plan, things which are out of Tori’s control. Sometimes working on sleep can be simply too hard for parents in the fog of exhaustion and Tori understands this because we are all human! Think of the ‘gym’ analogy: we sign up with great intentions but for reasons out of our control or otherwise, unless we are super committed and go the extra mile, we may not follow through or see improvement. The majority of parents who seek help with sleep are ready for change and are able to be consistent with Tori’s close support, which is why we see such amazing transformations in children’s sleep patterns. If you’d like help with sleep but are not sure if you’re ready to make a change, Tori encourages you to get in touch for a no obligation free chat. Just like at the gym, you may need to postpone your efforts until you’re ready, or you might need a little more motivation and support to get going to start with. How will you know if something will work or not if you don’t make a start in the first place? Sometimes it’s a matter of taking that first step and going from there.

What if I bed-share with my child?

If you are ready to move your child from sleeping with you to their own sleep space, Tori can help you using a very gentle and supportive method of sleep training involving minimal crying. The same goes for weaning off a feed to sleep or hold to sleep association. It is, however, beyond her scope of services if you want help with your child’s sleep, but you choose to continue to have your child sleep with you in your bed.

What happens if my child gets sick or we have to travel?

Ideally, you would plan to begin working on your child’s sleep plan after you return from travel, but it is also possible to work on your child’s sleep whilst you are away, it’s just that the process could take longer. If your child gets sick, Tori’s recommendation is always to postpone any sleep training until your child is better and then you can easily pick up where you left off. So if you start the process and your child gets sick, there’s no need for you to stress, because you can simply postpone your support until your child is well and you’re ready (within one month from start date of your support).

Do you work with twins and/or different aged siblings simultaneously?

Of course! Twins or multiples will usually receive one sleep plan that covers both/all children for which there is no extra charge. For clients with two children of different ages needing help simultaneously, each child will receive a uniquely devised sleep plan and there will be a discount of 20% for the second child. Previous clients will receive a new individualized plan for their returning child with a 20% discount and a 10% discount on a plan for any subsequent children.


By completing the intake questionnaire sent to the client by All About Sleep, the client acknowledges and agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The client will disclose any medical conditions their child/ren have, diagnosed or undiagnosed, to All About Sleep on the initial intake form.
  2. All About Sleep does not offer any medical advice or treatment to clients.
  3. The client will not share any information they receive from All About Sleep to a third party without permission from All About Sleep.
  4. The client agrees to adhere to safe sleep practices. For more information, go to: https://rednose.com.au/section/safe-sleeping
  5. All About Sleep will make recommendations for change. If the client chooses to make changes to their child’s sleeping or eating activities, this is the client’s decision and responsibility, and All About Sleep will not be held accountable for what the client does or does not choose to implement.
  6. Full payment is required upfront for all packages and add-on services (cost of services excludes GST) to secure a booking.
  7. Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the sleep plan being written will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after a sleep plan has been written and no later than 48 hours after the time of booking, may be refunded 50% of the total package cost at the discretion of All About Sleep. In this case, the sleep plan will still be sent to the client but no follow up support will be offered. If the client’s child becomes ill, the plan can be put on hold for up to four weeks from the time of booking, and remaining support can be resumed once the child has recovered.
  8. There will be no costs for travel in the Toowoomba area. For travel more than 20km outside Toowoomba CBD, the charge will be 70c/km. For any travel required further than 60 km from Toowoomba CBD or interstate, there may be an extra charge for travel and time at the discretion of All About Sleep. This will be negotiated with the client prior to services being paid for.

"Our baby girl was waking frequently at night and having short naps"


Our baby girl started to wake up 3+ times at night. When I contacted Tori I was texting her and crying as well. I was exhausted and needed help. On our first day of training, our little one already improved her lunch nap from twenty minutes to one hour. The first week she dropped the feeds to only two, second week to only one and on our last day working together, she dropped the last feed on her own. Our baby girl responded to all the changes that Tori told me to do, so well, and she is now sleeping twelve hours straight! Tori helped me to teach my baby to connect her sleep cycles and now her naps are amazing and night-time sleep is a dream come true. Besides all of that, Tori is so sweet and was always there to answer my questions. My husband and I are beyond happy with how quickly Tori could help our little girl. We will treasure you forever, Tori. Thank you! 

“I was exhausted, feeding often and co sleeping, just to survive”


I highly recommend Tori to anyone wanting to improve their baby’s sleep and their overall quality of life. My nine month old duaghter was waking around six times a night, co-sleeping with me, not eating much and winging a lot. I stuck to Tori’s recommendations about sleep and food and now she’s eating well, sleeping well and we are all a lot happier. Tori is very friendly, quick to respond and has a very good knowledge of food and sleep. She genuinely cares. Thank you for our new life Tori!


Holly, mum of Coco - 9 months

“My daughter was sleeping in my bed and feeding constantly”

I can’t thank Tori enough; my daughter was feeding frequently overnight and sleeping in my bed. I found Tori and my golly she saved my life! After only a month, my little girl now sleeps in her own bed and sleeps though the night. I have so much more time to get things done around the house, I’m getting better sleep myself and I actually feel more human. Tori was a great help as she was by my side every step of the way, guiding me and making sure I was ok. There were a few times I wanted to give up but she was always there to support me, and now a month later I still hear from her asking how everything is going.

I highly recommend her.

Melissa, mum of Saskia - 17 Months

"My marriage was suffering from lack of sleep"

I was losing my mind but Tori saved my life! When you have a baby that just won’t sleep, it’s naive to think it’s just your lack of sleep that becomes an issue. A non sleeping baby, and therefore a non sleeping parent, can negatively impact EVERY area of your life. So when I say Tori saved my life, her advice and instruction had way more far reaching consequences greater than just a sleeping baby. Elijah was a 'dummy sucker' and would only fall asleep to a rocking motion, which meant at 4 months he was waking every 45 minutes to an hour crying for his dummy and to be rocked to sleep. The constant waking up took a huge toll on my mental health and marriage and something had to give. Tori taught us how to comfortably remove the reliance on the dummy, and how to teach Elijah to self soothe and put himself back to sleep through the night. The rocking eventually became gentle pats, which now if he is unsettled, he only needs a brief touch to resettle. There is no more up and down throughout the night. Instead, our little boy sleeps right through and naps confidently throughout the day. Life is good, my mind is clear and my marriage is happy. Tori is dedicated, gracious, informative and sheb knows how to work on sleep training within the comfort level of the parents. Tori thinks through the needs of the child, the dependencies of the parents and the desired goal in mind for everyone and then coaches openly. I would recommend Tori to anyone struggling with the sleep challenges that come with having a little baby.


Tia, mum of Elijah - 4 Months

“ My little boy was grumpy and unsettled”

Tori’s program has made the world of difference to my little boy. Matthew was very unsettled and was only sleeping for short stretches at a time and I was exhausted. He is now getting a sleep every two hours throughout the day and he sometimes even sleeps for ninety minutes for naps. At night he is going down around 6:30pm and is only waking up once for a feed at 1am. Most of the time Matthew wakes up in the morning happy and talking and when I walk in to get him he just smiles at me. It’s great to see such a positive change to his attitude. I cannot thank Tori enough!

Emma, mum of Matthew - 3.5 Months

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