Simply Support



In depth and personalised advice and guidance on your child’s sleep issues.

Email and phone support for one week



The perfect option for parents who may have less complicated sleep issues and feel they would like to chat to work through some sleep problems, or for current or past clients who would like extended support. This package includes exclusive access to the All About Sleep Client Resource Centre.

Although this package does not include a sleep plan, parents have the option of sending through activity logs which Tori will evaluate daily and give you feedback on (if not daily, it would be whenever logs are received). This package includes one daily email and three phone calls of support for one week, with calls being scheduled in advance and up to fifteen minutes in duration. Emails will be replied to between the hours of 8am and 8pm on the same day but not necessarily immediately, and if they are received after 8pm, they will be replied to the following day. It would be appreciated if all queries for one day could be put into a single email.



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