Sleep All Night



Teach your child to sleep through the night, including flexible support options for four weeks.


This is for you if:

✅  your child is six months to four years of age

✅  you are exhausted and running on empty

✅  your child’s health and wellbeing is paramount to you

✅  you value time for yourself or with your partner

How it works:

You will complete an initial questionnaire at the time of booking and then Tori will give you a call and consult with you about your family’s needs. From there, she will create your personalised and detailed step by step sleep plan. Your plan will include information and advice on things like routine, nutrition, feeding, settling, naps and night sleep as well as an explanation of a couple of sleep training options. Tori will schedule a further call with you to discuss the plan and give you advice on how to implement the recommendations in your plan, so that you feel confident and ready to start working on your child’s sleep. From the day you start implementing your plan, Tori will be your number one support and guide.

The support Tori offers is flexible and unique. You will receive daily written feedback on your sleep logs for two weeks and practical advice so you know what to do for each night ahead. You will have further support via email and with phone calls. Not only will Tori be close by your side for the two weeks that you are working on your child’s sleep, she will be available to answer your questions for a further two weeks afterwards. A full month of support and guidance offers another level of reassurance.


  • Phone or Skype consultation of approximately one hour (time not capped)
  • Detailed sleep assessment and customised plan designed around your personal circumstances, parenting style and your child’s unique needs
  • Review of your activity logs every twenty four hours with daily feedback and practical advice
  • Two weeks of phone support comprising of six scheduled twenty minute calls
  • Four weeks of email support (maximum one email per day)
  • Exclusive access to the All About Sleep Client Resource Centre including age appropriate routines


Payment Plan Checkout

Pay in 6 weekly instalments of $75.


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